Grocery optimizer

Smarter grocery shopping. Never forget what you need!


Never forget to add an item to your list

Do you ever finish the last gallon of milk and forget to put it on the grocery list? Ever start a recipe and find out you forgot to add flour to the grocery list? 

The Kitchen-Smart team wants you to have a shopping list that always reflects what items you are out of. Grocery Optimizer will automatically suggest items you need to add to your grocery list. The easy to use app will populate your shopping list - never again will you forget an item you need.


Go to the store ONCE

Do you ever start to make a recipe and realize you don’t have all of the ingredients to make it? Does this lead to you to going to the grocery store multiple times a week to pick up forgotten items?

The Kitchen-Smart team wants you to be able to spend more time with your family and not at the grocery store! Grocery Optimizer uses sensors and artificial intelligence to track the items in your kitchen helping you make sure you have the ingredients you need when you need them!

Predict when you will be out of an item

Do you ever wonder if you will run out of bread before you go to the store again?  Will your pet food last until your next trip to Costco?

The Kitchen-Smart team wants to help you plan ahead and predict when you might be out of an item. Grocery Optimizer system will automatically send you notifications when you are close to running out of an item.  Use this time to shop for sales, look for coupons, or bundle shopping trips to get your out of stock items!

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