Stop throwing food and money away!


Stop throwing food away

Do you feel guilty about how much food your family throws away?  If so, you are not alone!  The average family of four loses about $1500 a year on wasted food. Don't let this be your family!


We are a team working tirelessly to help you reduce the amount of food your family throws away. The Food Waste Wizard is a smart system for your kitchen that combines sensors and advanced software to keep track of the food you have so that your money and food don’t end up in the trash!


Know what you have and when to use it

How many times do you head to the grocery store, loaded up on everything you planned on cooking with that week, and then just don’t end up using everything? Does all that food have to go to waste? Or can you repurpose it still into another meal? 


The Food Waste Wizard will make it easy to detect what items should be eaten first making it easy for you to plan your next meal without visiting the trash can.

Know how much money you waste

Do you wonder how much you spend on food each year? Even more importantly, do you ever question how much money you actually throw in the trash when food is wasted? This Food Waste Wizard will help track this information from you for you to see right from your smartphone.

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